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Seeking a unique gift for a friend or loved one?

Do they like music? Do they like comedy?

Hit 'em with a Paroditty!

Lyrical comedienne Georgia Warner specializes in quirky and clever parody writing. With just a few key details about the intended "Paroditty" recipient, Georgia will take one of their favorite songs (or poems, sonnets, etc.) and transform it into a one-of-a-kind Ode de Triomphe of which they're the sole subject! 


Whether you want a personalized rhyming poem that you can recite to them yourself;

a low-key live Zoom performance of a song that Georgia has parodied about them;

or a full-blown music video of their new anthem to enjoy again and again;

your dedicatee is certain to feel as special as you know they are.

Scroll through some past music videos below, and be sure to check out the "video info" sections so you can learn what fun facts the gift giver provided about the recipient, and see how Georgia worked them in!